Chris Bartos

Chris Bartos

Vision Team Lead

Intel Corporation

Chris is responsible for leading Intel Computer Vision business and technical collaborations with ecosystem customers and partners to advance new vision product and market development efforts. 

Recent innovations in deep learning based computer vision, and their increased detection and classification accuracy, are rapidly moving from the cloud into edge based infrastructure. 

Intel Vision Products accelerate ecosystem partner efforts to advance these new edge capabilities into the market with scalable solutions optimized for both cost and performance.


The Smart City of the Future Will Be Conscious

Thursday, October 25th
Does a smart city mean faster response times? Can video systems be imbued with intelligence to generate accurate dispatches for police and emergency services? What does a smart city mean for the privacy of individuals? Can a smart city use security and sensor technologies to shape urban planning? How can city leaders deploy IoT for effective municipal management? Our panel of smart city experts will explore these questions and more.