Doug Bassett

Senior Director of Licensing and Compliance


Douglas Bassett is the Senior Director of Licensing and Field Compliance for XFNITY Home Security Services directing programs, policies, and practices to ensure the company’s compliance with all applicable low voltage licenses and permit requirements. He maintains a thorough understanding of current and emerging federal, state, and/or local licensing laws and permitting requirements governing the installation and service of alarm monitoring and communication products.

An industry professional with over thirty eight years of leadership experience including management of installation, service, sales, and licensing of local, regional, and national activity. His scope of work and experience includes security, commercial fire, access control, CCTV, and sound in the residential, commercial, new construction, industrial, and governmental applications. Mr. Bassett was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott in June 2016 to the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board for a term running through October 2019.


Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Thursday, October 25th
The next generation of home security technologies has had a profound effect on the installing and monitoring companies which service the consumer market. Is this the coming bellwether for the commercial market? There are two sides to every disruption: You can ride the wave of opportunity or struggle in the trough of change. Which side will you be on?