Eva Mach

Eva Mach

President & CEO

Pro-Tech Design

Eva brought her 20 years of industry experience to Pro-Tec in 2010. Beginning as the company’s CFO, she assumed the role of President and CEO in 2016. A champion of creating a high-level, focused vision, promoting a dynamic culture and staying ahead of industry and market changes, Eva leads the company into its next phase. As the security industry rapidly transforms from physical to virtual, Eva is responsible for guiding the short and long-term strategic planning. Under her guidance, she has assembled a strong leadership and operations team that focuses on protecting our clients’ business and security needs with the latest industry technology. 

Since her arrival, she has taken the company from privately held to employee-owned through an ESOP, instituting a major cultural pivot transitioning employees to operate as owners. To drive the cultural and growth shifts associated with employee ownership, she implemented EOS Traction to build management team capacity and promote accountability throughout the organization. 

Eva serves as the ultimate decision making and point person on strategic initiatives including products, services and maintaining strategic relationships with Pro-Tec’s key vendors and partners. 

Acting as a true open-door CEO, Eva leads the daily charge manifesting Pro-Tec’s vision of Making Our World Safer. 


Is Your Business Strong Enough for the 21st Century?

Friday, October 26th
The pace of technology is moving at hyper speed. Many business experts have indicated the merger of infotech and biotech will push many out of the job market. So, what does this portend for the security industry? Big Data and AI will need the next level of technologists to be ready to step up and plan our future. Companies who lead the tech revolution won’t just sing the praises of new devices to make our lives easier but will likely direct who is able to attract, hire and train top talent. Future change requires us to become more nimble and resilient as we determine the key questions needed to determine if we are on a path for growth or obscurity.