Henry Hoyne, CTO, Northland Controls

Henry Hoyne


Northland Controls

Henry’s mission is to ensure that Northland maintains a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to streamline Northland’s internal operations and service offerings. His appetite for innovation extends beyond bleeding-edge and feels that early adoption is key.

When he’s not vetting technologies, he’s overseeing the Northland Labs division and IT services which offers product development, R&D, and custom solutions. Additionally, he oversees IT management across all global offices.

Henry joined Northland in 2006 and created an engineering team that quickly grew to more than 45 members across 3 regions globally with a primary focus on project delivery, system design, embedded resources, and audits and optimization. He also helped design and implement the Global Security Operations Centers for some of the most recognizable names in Silicon Valley and remains involved in large-scale systems design.


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Thursday, October 28th