Jody Ross

Jody Ross

Vice President, Sales


Jody Ross is the Vice President Sales and has been with AMAG Technology for over 12 years. She leads revenue growth worldwide and is responsible for major accounts, working closely with them to ensure not only successful deployment but long term success.  Previously, she was the VP of Strategic Accounts and Director of Business Development.  Prior to joining AMAG, Jody spent 12+ years with Andover Controls/ Integral Technology.  She was the company’s National Accounts Manager and Northeast Regional Sales Manager and was responsible for the growth of multimillion dollar accounts, developing new business opportunities to increase sales.


Securing the Smart Buildings of the Future

Thursday, October 28th

This fast-paced panel discussion session will explores key trends related to access, security, proptech and smart buildings, plus how the pandemic has shaped these trends.

  • How security and proptech are integrating to deliver building tenant, property manager and building owner intelligence as it affects usage efficiency, health and safety, etc.
  • Post-pandemic trends related to security and access in buildings now that companies are returning to office
  • Trends in responsive/smart buildings
  • How efficiency, sustainability and health are driving business changes in this sector
  • Insights into cybersecurity of integrated building systems (how we protect smart buildings)