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Lorna Chandler


Security By Design

Lorna Chandler is CEO of Security By Design, Inc., a security consulting and engineering design firm in Pacheco, California that has been in business for over 40 years. She manages a team of security professionals who perform vulnerability analyses, feasibility studies, conduct training programs and do detailed designs for the integration of systems for physical security, fire, and data center failure mode monitoring.

She spent 13 years with Chevron Corporation where she gained experience in the design and specification of software, quality assurance, control procedures, and physical security issues in the areas of credit, accounting, lock-box banking, credit card processing, data processing, and public relations. She has supervised multi-shift operations dealing with computerized sorting equipment and microfilm production.

Mrs. Chandler has been active within the security industry since 1974. She earned her C.P.P. in 1986. In 1988-89, she spent two years as the Regional Vice President for the American Society for Industrial Security for Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii. She is on the Advisory Board for Security Specifiers.



How the Pandemic Is Changing Commercial Architecture and Access

Wednesday, October 21st

What does COVID-19 mean in the long game for commercial architecture and entrances? Our panel will discuss the evolution of entrance controls in a post-pandemic world, how touchless access/frictionless access will grow, why companies are now applying analytics to building entry/exit data, and the long-term trends on the use of commercial buildings, particularly office spaces.