Malin Svensson, Axis Communications

Malin Svensson

Chief People Officer

Axis Communications

Malin Svensson is Chief People Officer for Axis Communications and has worked for the global technology firm for 9 years. Together with a professional global HR organization she manages the full range of People and Culture topics and she believes a company will perform at its best when having a culture were both heart and brain are connected and being valued.  She holds a B.Sc. in human resources development and labor relations/employment law from Sweden’s University of Lund and previously worked at such firms as Trelleborg, Adecco and Scandlines.


Day 1 Keynote: Evolving Security By Evolving the Workforce

Wednesday, October 21st

Grady Crosby, chief diversity officer of Johnson Controls will explore how the industry of security is as much shaped by the workforce as it is by technology advances. He’ll explore why the future growth potential of your company is shaped by your emphasis on who you’re hiring today. Malin Svensson, Chief People Officer at Axis Communications, will facilitate the discussion with our keynote speaker and Evolving Security By Evolving the Workforce