Securing New Ground speaker Maria Castellanos of Convergint

Maria Castellanos

Account Executive


Maria Castellanos is an Account Executive with Convergint Technologies.  After moving from Spain to the US, Maria graduated from the University of Maryland with a double bachelor’s degree in International Business and Information Systems, and two fellowships in Social Innovation and Global Consulting, all while on scholarship for the cross country and track and field teams. She completed a MOC in Machine Learning prior to joining Convergint in 2020 through the Convergint Development Program. Within two years of being an account executive, she manages 9 global accounts. Project success to date includes a lead role in the design and development of the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo to open in 2023.

Active in the Convergint Nation, Maria participated in Convergint InterNational Conference 2022 as a Global Accounts panelist, briefing the audience on the key pillars of support, assistance, and growth for enterprise and global accounts. She has also become deeply engaged in the company’s inclusion and diversity initiatives. Maria is a Steering Committee member for Convergint’s Unidos as well as for Convergint Women Connect – Advocacy – Attract, Retain, Promote; and the Co-Chair of the Daily Difference Award subcommittee of Women Connect which aims to foster an environment that lifts underrepresented voices within Convergint and the industry through initiatives focused on recognition and networking. After hours, she is an MBA Project Partner assisting professor at the University of Maryland for their Global Consulting course. Before joining Convergint, Maria was an intern consultant for the USDA on the impact of the movement away from single-use plastics in the global supply chain.


Lunch and SNG Roundtables: Join a Discussion With Other Leaders

Tuesday, October 18th

Join your peers for topic-focused roundtable discussions to discuss trends and share knowledge. Roundtables are open to all SNG attendees, speakers and sponsors. Note: All attendees will be able to select the topic table they wish to join. Luncheon tables will be available in rooms adjacent to the main stage room; grab a plate of food and then find a topic table to dine with other industry leaders sharing a similar interest.

The 6 discussion tables will be located in Central Park I & II, located next to the main event foyer area.  (Additional lunch seating will be available in the following spaces on the event level: Hudson River Park, Madison Square Park and Union Square Park, and in the foyer itself.)

Discussion Topics for 2022:

  • Workforce Hiring, Diversity and Young Professionals (hosted by Convergint’s Maria Castellanos)
  • Cybersecurity (hosted by Beehive Technology Solution’s Patrick Simon)
  • Proptech (hosted by Lee Odess)
  • Finance/Investments/Economic Conditions (hosted by Houlihan Lokey’s Michael Morabito)
  • Cloud/SaaS (hosted by Cloudastructure’s Rick Bentley)
  • Systems Integration and Monitoring (hosted by PSA’s Matt Barnette)

Rapid-Fire Insights From the SNG Luncheon Roundtables

Tuesday, October 18th

Luncheon roundtable discussion hosts return to the SNG to share the single most important idea or takeaway from the audience discussions on key themes over lunch.

  • Workforce Hiring, Diversity and Young Professionals (Convergint’s Maria Castellanos)
  • Cybersecurity (Beehive Technology Solution’s Patrick Simon)
  • Proptech (Latch’s Lee Odess)
  • Finance/Investments/Economic Conditions (Houlihan Lokey’s Michael Morabito)
  • Cloud/SaaS (Cloudastructure’s Rick Bentley)
  • Systems Integration and Monitoring (PSA’s Matt Barnette)