Michael Foynes

Michael Foynes

Center of innovation Lead

Microsoft Global Real Estate and Security

As Senior Director of Global Operations, Michael Foynes is responsible for Microsoft’s physical security operations and its strategic development of teams, programs and operating models to positively impact Microsoft business objectives globally.

Most notably, Michael is leading an enterprise-wide initiative code-named Project Falcon, the first step to operationalize and drive Digital Transformation for Microsoft Global Security. Through this initiative, Global Security is architecting anintelligent platform, enabling cyber at the edgeand leveraging data insights to enrich employee experience, enhance life safety management and optimize operations.This major shift will include a dynamic, frictionless access management platform,a robust threat detection program within the VSOC (Virtual Security Operations Center), combined with a lean, agile, liquid workforce model creating a smart, secure and scalable security environment. This transformation will make traditional threat detection and security risk management obsolete.Additionally, this project is expected to save Microsoft more than 500M USD over the next 10 years via reduced infrastructure deployments.

Prior to joining Microsoft in early 2003, Michael worked in a variety of roles providing strategic corporate consultancy, advice and support across a wide spectrum of industry. He has accumulated a wealth of international experience working in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, primarily in the areas of Risk Management and Incident Response.

Michael holds a Master’s in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management. He is currently on the Board of Directors for Security Industry Association (SIA) and is an elected Fellow of The Security Institute. He was also a member of the United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Working Group to “Protect Vulnerable Targets from Terrorist Attack.” This initiative lasted five years and resulted in the publication of a UNICRI PPP Handbook in 2010. This Handbook has been widely distributed throughout the UN member nations including Interpol.


The Digital Frontiers of Physical Security

Thursday, October 25th
Digital business moves at a faster pace than legacy business processes, and traditional security approaches designed for maximum control will no longer work in the new era of digital innovation. Join our panel team of CSOs and industry as they identify how they see the future of IoT, manage data networks, and deal with the impact of rapid industry consolidation as they meet the new demands on security, technology and people management.