Michael Joy

Michael Joy


New York City Police Department, Information Technology Bureau

Michael Joy is a 16-year veteran of the New York City Police Department and currently serves as the Executive Officer of the Strategic Technology Division. In this role, Captain Joy is responsible for the development and implementation of all operational technologies utilized by members of the department. He founded the IT transformation team that modernized the NYPD’s applications, systems, and infrastructure, and brought the department into 21st century policing.  With a background working as a crime analyst, cyber-crime investigator, and in counter-terrorism, Captain Joy has spent the past decade of his career leading efforts to fully integrate data analysis and sensor technology into policing.  He oversees the democratization of real time information to field personnel through robust situational awareness software, data normalization and analytic tools, mobile platforms, and sensor networks. Captain Joy is also the principal liaison to public partners in local, state, and federal agencies worldwide, facilitating the development of collaborative systems and serving as the conduit for the NYPD’s best practices. 


The Smart City of the Future Will Be Conscious

Thursday, October 25th
Does a smart city mean faster response times? Can video systems be imbued with intelligence to generate accurate dispatches for police and emergency services? What does a smart city mean for the privacy of individuals? Can a smart city use security and sensor technologies to shape urban planning? How can city leaders deploy IoT for effective municipal management? Our panel of smart city experts will explore these questions and more.