Pierre Racz, Genetec

Pierre Racz

President & CEO


Pierre Racz is the principal co-founder and CEO of Genetec, a private family-owned company that develops networked physical security, data analytics, and operational efficiency solutions. Pierre is actively involved in the formulation and execution of the company’s worldwide strategies and objectives. Over 1,000 people are employed by Genetec around the world.

Prior to founding Genetec in 1997, Pierre worked as a Principal Engineer at DMR (Fujitsu Consulting), a system integration house with worldwide presence. His prime mandate at DMR was software development and object-oriented technology evangelism at Canadian Marconi Corporation. Before joining DMR, he was Chief Engineer at TTL, a firm that performs research and development in the field of ambulatory medical instrumentation.

With over 40 years of hardware and software development experience, Pierre has extensive knowledge of the physical security industry. He has a very keen motivation regarding his field and his accomplishments reflect his expertise which is leveraged in the formulation and executive of the Genetec worldwide strategy. Pierre is also a co-founder and Senior Advisor of Aheeva, a company specialized in developing turnkey VoIP Interactive Business Solutions for Call Centers, and of Atelka (TTEC), a telecommunications and call center management firm that uses the Aheeva software.

Pierre holds an Honors Degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montréal, Québec.


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