Sal Mani

Security Systems Program Manager-Bay Area


Mr. Sal Mani has over 18 years’ experience in physical security and IT and leadership, strategic planning, design development, and deployment. He is proven innovative security leader with expertise including, enterprise security projects, managing teams of 100+ engineers, project managers and product hardware specialists. He has developed security platforms merging logical and physical security into real time investigative data. Sal’s extensive involvement in security leadership and engineering includes, consulting for Fortune 100 companies, university campuses ,U.S. military and global security markets as well. He continues to seek new ways to expand his skillset by focusing on teaching and transforming security data, critical infrastructure protection and hardware concepts into reality.


Harnessing Cyber-Physical Security Technologies

Thursday, October 25th
Join our panel of cyber-physical technology experts as they wrestle with how the internet of things (IoT), and other “smart” technologies promise to disrupt the security of cyber-physical systems. The panel will explore threats to this world of connected security devices and also will examine how new systems being developed today can utilize technologies to sense potentially disastrous events and take steps to limit their impact or stop them altogether.