Sandy Jones

Sandra Jones

Founder and Principal

Sandra Jones & Company

Sandra Jones is a 30-year security industry veteran, insider, deal maker and author. Fifteen years after founding one of the industry’s first distribution businesses, she started the consulting business of Sandra Jones and Company in 1990. She and her firm’s other experts assist the industry’s top manufacturers, integrators, central stations, investors and new-entrants to accelerate their business plans, profits and growth.

In addition to her consulting work, Ms. Jones is active in the industry. She was the creator of SIA’s New Product Showcase and a founder and producer of the Securing New Ground conference. She is a member of ASIS, CSAA, Security and SSI Magazines’ advisory councils. She served as two-term president of SIA, where after 25 years she continues to serve on the Board of Directors. She has co-authored brand preference, fire market and bench marking research. She has been honored with the prestigious Lippert and SIA’s President’s Awards, was inducted into SSI’s 2005 Hall of Fame and in 2007 was recognized by Security Magazine as one of the security industry’s 25 Most Influential Security Executives.


Is Your Business Strong Enough for the 21st Century?

Friday, October 26th
The pace of technology is moving at hyper speed. Many business experts have indicated the merger of infotech and biotech will push many out of the job market. So, what does this portend for the security industry? Big Data and AI will need the next level of technologists to be ready to step up and plan our future. Companies who lead the tech revolution won’t just sing the praises of new devices to make our lives easier but will likely direct who is able to attract, hire and train top talent. Future change requires us to become more nimble and resilient as we determine the key questions needed to determine if we are on a path for growth or obscurity.