Scott Foley, Omdia

Scott Foley

Senior Analyst


Scott is responsible for research and analysis across Omdia’s physical security technology portfolio. As a senior analyst and veteran of the security industry, with 7 years manufacturing side, Scott covers a wide range including security trends and market developments and specializes in video surveillance, analytics, and the Americas business areas.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Scott joined the company in August 2022 and is involved in a range of research and custom projects. Prior to Omdia, Scott held positions within Axis Communications in strategy and market intelligence focusing on the Americas markets, and is a certified Competitive Intelligence Professional II. Scott holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of York, UK.


Behind the Numbers: Gauging the U.S. and Global Market for Security Solutions

Wednesday, October 19th

Omdia’s Senior Analyst Scott Foley will share insights into current market trends and data research on the industry’s size and growth.

Foley’s session will couple with the release of a U.S. security industry market report, which SIA will provide members and attendees at the conference.