Westley McDuffie

Westley McDuffie

Chief Security Evangelist


Westley McDuffie has over 20 years’ experience in Military-oriented analysis, network infrastructure and information security, mixed in with 10 years of classroom led instruction. Westley’s dedication to educating customers in the art of information security has earned numerous accolades in the security industry. He now is associated with the IBM Federal Sales Team as their Chief Security Evangelist, supporting the DOD and Intelligence Communities. 


Harnessing Cyber-Physical Security Technologies

Thursday, October 25th
Join our panel of cyber-physical technology experts as they wrestle with how the internet of things (IoT), and other “smart” technologies promise to disrupt the security of cyber-physical systems. The panel will explore threats to this world of connected security devices and also will examine how new systems being developed today can utilize technologies to sense potentially disastrous events and take steps to limit their impact or stop them altogether.