Presenting Our 2022 Agenda

2 Days of Innovative Ideas and Authentic, Open Discussions:
Follow along as we reveal new speakers, new ideas and fresh faces!

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October 18th, 20227:00am3:00pm
October 18th, 20228:15am8:30am

Join SIA’s Board Chair James Rothstein (Operating Partner, Lee Equity Partners) for the kickoff to Securing New Ground 2022!

SIA Chair of the Board of Directors James Rothstein
Operating Partner
Lee Equity Partners
October 18th, 20228:30am9:25am

Security industry executives openly share perspectives on trends, challenges, and major shifts occurring in the global world of security, and how to strategically navigate these changes.

Tom Cook, Hanwha Techwin America
Executive Vice President of Sales & Operations
Hanwha Techwin America
Bill Geary, WESCO
Executive Vice President & General Manager Communications & Security Solutions (CSS)
Yale University's Ronnell Higgins, a speaker at the 2022 Securing New Ground conference
Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Community Engagement
Yale University

Get insights into supply chain and other pressures (and opportunities) facing businesses across the U.S. as SIA board member and president for dormakaba Americas interviews Robert Bosch corporation’s North American president Michael Mansuetti. With both executives passionate about the supply chain topic and leading American operations for global companies, this session promises to break out the crystal ball for what our industry and the manufacturing sector will face in the coming months!

Securing New Ground speaker Alex Housten, dormakaba Americas
dormakaba Americas
Securing New Ground speaker Michael Mansuetti, president of Bosch for NOrth America
President, North America

Share your own input into the implications of major consumer and tech trends. This is a strongly participatory session; you’ll be sharing input via polls and adding perspective via our chat features. Bonus: All SNG attendees will receive a copy of the report, the 2023 SIA Security Megatrends, following publication in early December.

October 18th, 202210:15am10:40am

Morning Networking Break

October 18th, 202210:40am11:15am

Stay tuned as we reveal the speaker for our Day 1 keynote at Securing New Ground!


Bonus: As part of SNG and as presented during this session, all attendees will receive SIA’s new Proptech Research Report that explores market and growth opportunities for security solutions companies.

Securing New Ground speaker Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech
Haniel Lynn, CEO, Kastle Systems International
Kastle Systems
Securing New Ground speaker Lee Odess of Latch
Senior Vice President, Business and Operations
Thru Shibakumar, Cohesion

Join your peers for topic-focused, virtual roundtable discussions to discuss trends and share knowledge. Roundtables are open to all SNG attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Note: All attendees will be able to select the topic table they wish to join. Luncheon tables will be available in rooms adjacent to the main stage room; grab a plate of food and then find a topic table to dine with other industry leaders sharing a similar interest.

Discussion Topics for 2022:

  • Workforce Hiring, Diversity and Young Professionals (hosted by Convergint’s Maria Castellanos)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Proptech (hosted by Latch’s Lee Odess)
  • Finance/Investments/Economic Conditions
  • Cloud/SaaS
  • Systems Integration and Monitoring
Securing New Ground speaker Maria Castellanos of Convergint
Account Executive
Securing New Ground speaker Lee Odess of Latch
Senior Vice President, Business and Operations

Executives from leading systems integration businesses share perspectives on business conditions and growth opportunities.

Dee Ann Harn, CEO and President of RFI Enterprises Inc.
CEO and President
RFI Enterprises
John Palumbo, CEO, Unlimited Technology
Unlimited Technology
October 18th, 20221:50pm2:45pm

In this discussion that brings industry leaders together with practitioner perspective, we address the question: How do you monetize and productize artificial intelligence? And we ask: What is the value that CSOs need from AI to solve challenges of identifying hidden threats and risks? From video to facial recognition to interrogating data lakes for hidden meaning, our panel will explore what’s real and what’s still a dream for tomorrow.

Securing New Ground speaker Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Networks
Founder and CEO
Eagle Eye Networks
Jasvir Gill, CEO, AlertEnterprise, Securing New Ground speaker
Founder and CEO
Jason Veiock, GoDaddy
Senior Director, Safety, Security & Resilience

Access SNG-provided transportation or take a short walk through NY’s tourism district to Meta’s facility.


Where:Meta facility in Hudson Yards [transportation will be provided for all SNG attendees]

The SNG cybersecurity panel will provide a holistic executive view of cybersecurity, and a few of the core topics that will be addressed as part of this important session include:

  • Cybersecurity of IoT devices including industrial control systems and security systems
  • Nation-state hacking and other sources of challenge for top CISOs and CSOs
  • How cybersecurity leaders can share intel and coordinate with physical security leaders to prepare to face threats with multiple vectors
  • Artificial intelligence impact on cybersecurity
Brian Harrell, AVANGRID
Vice President and Chief Security Officer
October 18th, 20224:20pm5:10pm

Where:Meta facility in Hudson Yards [transportation will be provided for all SNG attendees]

How do top CSOs make sense of the high volume of data that security solutions and threat monitoring solutions provide to their teams? How do you find the insights from the noise? What role do advanced technical solutions play in this space? And how do you ensure the cybersecurity of your solutions when you’re managing 1,000s of devices that all require enhanced cybersecurity? Our panel of security leaders from top tech companies like Meta and others will address these questions and more.


Where:Meta facility in Hudson Yards [transportation will be provided for all SNG attendees]

Relax with other attendees and enjoy food and drink. Simultaneous discussion-focused tours of Meta’s Hudson Yards facility will be led by the Meta security team, giving you a chance to understand how the firm measures risks and protects their people and data.

October 19th, 20227:30am8:30am

Breakfast and Networking


Axis Communications Vice President, Americas Fredrik Nilsson kicks off day 2 of Securing New Ground by sharing his vision for the security industry and addresses some of the challenges the industry must overcome to reach that visionary destination. 

Fredrik Nilsson, Axis Communications
Vice President, Americas
Axis Communications

Where:Intercontinental Times Square

Motorola Solutions has made waves with strategic acquisitions in the video, analytics and AI sectors within security. What’s next for this powerhouse firm, and how will they leverage current market conditions to capitalize on security industry growth opportunities? For this session, SIA Chair James Rothstein will interview Motorola’s John Kedzierski, the leader of Motorola’s video security and access control business division.

Securing New Ground speaker John Kedzierski of Motorola Solutions
SVP and General Manager, Video Security & Access Control
Motorola Solutions
SIA Chair of the Board of Directors James Rothstein
Operating Partner
Lee Equity Partners
October 19th, 20229:30am10:00am
October 19th, 202210:00am10:15am

Morning Break: Day 2

October 19th, 202210:15am10:45am

Speakers to be announced soon!

Nick Stoner, HID Global
Vice President of PACS North America Channel Sales
HID Global
October 19th, 202210:45am11:15am

Speaker to be announced soon!


Where:Intercontinental Times Square

Financial deal makers and analysts provide insight into Wall Street, private equity, and recent mergers and acquisitions deals within the security industry.

Alper Cetingok, Raymond James
Managing Director, Head of Diversified Industrials
Raymond James
John Mack, Imperial Capital
Executive Vice President
Imperial Capital


Defining the Future of Security

Founded more than 20 years ago, Securing New Ground has become the “TED of security.” Today, SNG is the premier security business conference, focused on strategists, technologists, and executive leadership – the people and companies which are defining the future of security.

Securing New Ground

October 18-19, 2022 | Intercontinental Times Square in New York City