Jasvir Gill, CEO, AlertEnterprise, Securing New Ground speaker

Jasvir Gill

Founder and CEO


Leading the charge of digital transformation and security convergence is Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise Inc. An accomplished engineer by trade, Gill makes his visions reality through sound strategic development and breakthrough technology. Through this expert leadership, Gill is driving the long overdue digital transformation of the physical security industry- identifying market trends and customer needs and bringing them together in a unique way that generates outstanding business performance.

Prior to launching AlertEnterprise, Gill was the founder and CEO of Virsa Systems, where he grew the company into a global leadership of application security software. An early pioneer in establishing governance, risk, and compliance as a software market segment, he drove exponential growth of Virsa, facilitating its acquisition by SAP in 2006.

Gill dedicates his free time to helping drive social and economic empowerment in the community and as a trustee at the American Indian Foundation.


Taking Artificial Intelligence Out of the Lab

Tuesday, October 18th

In this discussion that brings industry leaders together with practitioner perspective, we address the question: How do you monetize and productize artificial intelligence? And we ask: What is the value that CSOs need from AI to solve challenges of identifying hidden threats and risks? From video to facial recognition to interrogating data lakes for hidden meaning, our panel will explore what’s real and what’s still a dream for tomorrow.