Steve Van Till Brivo

Steve Van Till

President and CEO


Steve Van Till is Co-Founder, President and CEO of Brivo, the leading worldwide provider of cloud-based access control and security solutions for commercial properties. He previously served in a variety of senior management roles in high technology companies spanning Web development, healthcare, and satellite communications. Steve is the author of The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security, winner of the ASIS International 2017 Book of the Year Award.


Security Megatrends & SNG Feedback Loop: Taking the Industry’s Pulse and Vitals

Thursday, October 22nd

Join SIA’s Security Megatrends Advisor Steve Van Till (president and CEO, Brivo) as he provides a preliminary look at the 2021 SIA Security Megatrends, and share your own input into the implications of major consumer and tech trends. This is a strongly participatory session; you’ll be sharing input via polls and adding perspective via our chat features. Bonus: All SNG attendees will receive a copy of the report, the 2021 SIA Security Megatrends, following publication in early December.